Which way is easier and quicker to get response, e contact or over phone?

Don't get surprised, e mail or e live chat (soon be available in this e shop) is easier and quicker than talking over the phone. Even talked over the phone, mostly your case will be still handled by e solution eventually. Please bear in your mind: e solution ------ better organized, much quicker, more efficient, more procise, and less mistakes.


How long does it take to get resonse by email?

EasyDeal will response as soon as possible.

Please give us 48 hours to response for something hard.


What's the best email address to contact?

General inquiry: info@easydealmarket.com

Sale inquiry: sls@easydealmarket.com


What does EasyDeal provide? 

Game console products (both software and hardware) with details as following:


by Products Type

Game console ------ Video game ------ console accessories ------ spares and repair parts ------ repairing equipment & tools

Similar products of mobile phone.


by Products Brand

Sony PlayStation ------ Microsoft Xbox ------ Nintendo (Game console)

Apple ------ Huawei (Mobile phone)


What is the strongest field of EasyDeal?

EasyDeal has the latest and biggest range of game console repair parts in stock in UK & Euro.


Is VAT invoice available?

Yes, EasyDeal is VAT registered.

VAT Registration Number: GB232057147


Where is EasyDeal based?

EasyDeal is an UK registered business, and based in St. Denys area, Southampton, United Kingdom.


When did EasyDeal Set up?

We stepped in trade in 2007, registered as a limited company in 2013 in Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom before moved to Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom in 2014. 

Company Registration Number: 08741477


Can I cancel the transaction?

Yes, you can. You can cancel your order before it is sent out. If your order has been sent out, you can follow the return policy to return it to get replacement or refund.


Can I return the items I ordered?

Yes, you can. Return is easy with EasyDeal. Please reference our return policy for details. For your convenience and saving money, you do have the option of 'Royal Mail Tracked Return 24/48' when you check out.


Which courrier does delivery?

Royal Mail will take most of the deliveries.

Other courrier can be expected depends on what you ordered.


What is the Royal Mail Tracked Return 24™/48™ Service?

If you think probabley you will need to return/exchange the item you are ordering, you have an option of 'Royal Mail Tracked Return 24/48' when you check out.

Pay your order with confidence. We will put the notice on bulletin board once activated Royal Mail Tracked Returns 24™/48™ Service for you which makes easy returns and exchanges. And it offers returns tracking ------ your return is safe. Tracking will take place at the point you drop off the item at the Post Office® branch and at the point the item arrives at the Delivery Office.

Please bear in your mind: Royal Mail Tracked Return 24™/48™ is available for UK customer only!


How long does it take to dispatch the order?

Your order will be sent out same day if payment received by 2:00 PM.

If not, your order will be sent out next working day.


 ...... more details about delivery pleae reference the shipping policy.


What kind of packing material are we using?

We use new packing materials only.

Most of our products are pricisely fabricated electronic components. Bubble wrap envelop and standard carboard mailing box is the major packing material we are using. Lots of different bubble wrap envelops in the market, and we use Gold Padded Envelopes. Probablely Gold Padded Envelopes costs little bit more than others, but it is the best bubble wrap envelops for fragile products. It is perfect for packaging your order to protect the fragile items from getting damaged during the shipping process. With the combined protection of the bubble wrap inside the envelope and the tough outer layer of the envelope, you can rest assured that the contents of these will be very well protected.

Some products are not suitable for bubble wrap envelop or carboard mailing box. In this case, we use sepcial packing material and packing the products in products customised method. You will see they are well protected when you receive them.


Product warranty

For some of the products, we provide warranty, more details please reference the warranty policy.


Online Privacy

EasyDeal does need some information of you to process your order, but does not sell any information to any third party illegally. Please be aware that the Royal Mail or any other courier may need customer data to deal with shipment of the orders. The customer data includes customers' first name, last name, address including postcode and, where applicable, telephone number and email address. If any questions on this issue, please contact Royal Mail Group Ltd or related courier.

If you believe that we collected incorrect information, or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us by e-mail info@EasyDealmarket.co.uk.


On-Site Privacy

EasyDeal set up fully insoluted storage, installed and use Surveillance Camera System on site for security purpose by comlying with surveillance camera code of practice (2013). If anybody (includes individuals who work on site and visit the site) has any privacy issues during he/she is on site, please visit the link below:


Or, you can visit Information Commissioner's Office Webiste as following:




Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sat:            9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


EasyDeal Team