Privacy Policy

Online Privacy


EasyDeal Distribution does need some information of you to process your order, but does not sell any information to any third party illegally. Please be aware that Royal Mail may need customer data to deal with shipment of the orders. The customer data includes customers' first name, last name, address including postcode and, where applicable, telephone number and email address. If any questions on this issue, please contact Royal Mail Group Ltd.

If you believe that we collected incorrect information, or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us by e-mail


On-Site Privacy


EasyDeal set up fully insoluted storage, installed and use Surveillance Camera System on site for security purpose by comlying with surveillance camera code of practice (2013). If anybody (includes individuals who work on site and visit the site) has any privacy issues during he/she is on site, please visit the link below:

Or, you can visit Information Commissioner's Office Webiste as following:



EasyDeal Team